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Image of Parasites.

Picture of The Monster from the Welcome Template.

  • Hello my name is Derek Evy i am a great guy a good person a new Christian and thank you for accepting me i seen the move like twice in theatres and i just got the DvD today and it was great my favourite characters of the movie was Marlena Diamond, Rob Hawkins[1] and Jason Hawkins.
  • The movie[2] was a five star quality and it was amazing and the fact that Hud said stuff in the tunnel it was funny not hilarious but funny and the fact he talked to much made me want to take him out myself but well he was funny and well he was a funny guy but now he was wasted by The Monster[3] and well he was an odd character so we shall show some remorse well i will and he will burn in Hell like thee other characters that died and other people except Christians.
  • Jason Hawkins[4] was a good man and probably the main dude for his brother Rob Hawkins and well he died all because he was not prepared for the piece of the bridge to crush him so he was really scared when they said "Jason look out. What. Jason Jason. {Crushing noice}" and well he was a good man very good man born in Minnesota he was very great.
  • Marlena Diamond[5] she was a hottie and well she is dead and that is the fact about it it was a terrible sight to see for Hud and well i like the part when hud was going up to her at the party saying i can do this i can do this and well she looked at him then he turned wow that is i am sure about but that is what he would love from her but a gaze would do fine a a deleted scene. So well he pretty much confessed he love for her.
  • Lily Ford[6] as a very serious person her boyfriend jason are just not like each other but she loved him and well she may get in a few fights with him but she still loves him and well she is pretty hot as views and well she is not always going to clean up someone mess and well that is why she loves jason cause he is funny and well she is a good person and well she is really hot tho but not as hot as Marlena tho and well she just loves him well she went sad when he died on the brooklyn bridge and well so he died and that is very sad for her and but hey you have to live your life and well she loved him so much i can tell on how she acts so she pretty much loved him with all her heart but you should actually use that love for god and well so that is why she loves him so if you did not understand then ask me on my talkpage.
  • Hudson "Hud" Platt[7] is a funny guy who is well funny and he is a good camera man and well you know for a fact that he likes Marlena for sure and well i am sure he would do anything for her and well he lost her and well he joined her in hell so he pretty much likes her well actually that is what i am saying.

Cloverfield Wiki:

Holy shit, oh God this is disgusting if i get rabby's then you are giving me a stomach shot. Ok i call that a date. That is definitely not a date. — Marlena talking to Hud in the tunnels.

Welcome to Cloverpedia
A wiki about the mysterious Cloverfield incident and all related persons, media, and such that anyone can edit.

152 articles since January 2008

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Jamie Lascano[8] is a friend of Rob Hawkins. Her boyfriend was Teddy Hanssen[9], but after he went to Japan and stopped calling Jamie, while she frequently sent him video message updates, Jamie assumed that Teddy was no longer interested in her.

Jamie was passed out on a couch at Rob's going-away party the night of the monster attack.


Cloverfield news

DVD to be released April 22nd[10]
Hasbro announces plans for an action figure replica[12] of the monster.
Goddard returns to Buffy
Cloverfield[13] writter Drew Goddard[14] is penning a new story arc for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight called Wolves at the Gate.
Michael Giacchino[15], composer of the "Cloverfield Overture[16]," won a Grammy for his score for Ratatouille. The score is also nominated for an Academy Award.
Cloverfield 2?
Director Matt Reeves[17] is in talks to direct a sequel[18] to Cloverfield. Read more...




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Welcome to Cloverpedia, the Cloverfield Wiki

152 articles since January 20, 2008

Cloverfield Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the film created by Matt Reeves, J. J. Abrams, and Drew Goddard. Because of the wiki format, anyone can edit or create any article on the site, so we can all work together to create a database all about Cloverfield. Be sure to check out the Help pages to get started!



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