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Tagruato Company Logo
Creator Kantaro Tagruato
Founded 1945
Business Deep Sea Oil Drilling
Current CEO Ganu Yoshida
Subsidiaries Bold Futura
Yoshida Medical Research
ParafFun! Wax Distributors
Current Oil Platforms 13
"Exploring our world. Ensuring your future."
—Tagruato slogan

Tagruato is a Japanese deep sea exploration and petroleum mining company owned by Ganu Yoshida. The company operated thirteen oil rigs in the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Indian oceans using "groundbreaking deep-sea drilling technology".



Tagruato was originally founded as a mining company, Hand of Power (力の手), in Kyūshū by Kantaro Tagruato in 1945.[1] Tagruato’s engineers implemented and subsequently perfected the Inclined Galleries mining technique, and became a leader in domestic sales of coal and nonferrous metals including copper, lead, zinc, and aluminum.[1] More mines were opened to provide resources for Japan’s growing industries, and as success of the company grew, Hand of Power began to diversify.[1]

In 1962, Hand of Power opened a machinery works factory in Nagasaki, specializing in exports of engines for large construction vehicles to the Western world.[1] In 1969, Hand of Power was commissioned to build parts for the National Space Development Agency's satellites and launch vehicles.[1] In the mid-1970s, Hand of Power staked a claim in the rapidly expanding petrochemical industry, producing plastics, polystyrene, and polypropylene. The company became Japan's third largest manufacturer of fast food container.[1]

In the late 1980s, Hand of Power fell into hard times in which it was plagued with decline and scandals. Mining became a rapidly declining industry as demand for zinc and lead decreased, and coal became more financially viable to import. As a result, Hand of Power was forced to cut jobs and salaries.[1] In 1981, Hand of Power was exposed for practicing child labor in India in which the laborers were underage and working 70 hours a week for wages far below legal standard. The Indian factory was subsequently shut down and company officials claimed ignorance. However, Hand of Power was suspected for running child labor transgressions in other Hand of Power facilities. Since the India scandal, Hand of Power temporarily closed dozens of their facilities and later hiring new staffs of legal workers.[2] In 1986, Hand of Power was caught illegally dumping thousands of gallons of industrial waste into the Tokyo Bay.[2]


In 1989, Hand of Power was bought out by Ganu Yoshida and was renamed as Tagruato after its founder.[1][3] Under Yoshida, Tagruato focused on deep sea petroleum excavation with the construction of the Jimmu Drilling Station in the Seto Inland Sea in 1991.[1][3] Over the next fifteen years, twelve more drilling stations were built all over the world, each more efficient and productive than the last.[1][3] By 2007, Tagruato stands on the brink of joining the elite corporations on the planet.[3] Tagruato had a number of subsidiaries which includes deep-sea genetic research, building advanced technology, paraffin wax byproducts, and soft drink beverages.[1]

Tagruato was targeted by the radical environmental group T.I.D.O. Wave, which they were critical of the company's exploitation of the seafloors that had harmed the ocean's ecosystems and had caused intentional damages to Tagruato property.

Sometime before 2007, Tagruato discovered an addictive substance known as "Seabed's Nectar", which they used as a key ingredient in Slusho! beverages. The company eventually discovered that Seabed's Nectar was the food source of the Cloverfield monster. Tagruato located the creature's resting spot and constructed Chuai Station over it to extract Seabed's Nectar along with studying the creature.

On December 27, 2007, Chuai Station was destroyed. Tagruato made a hasty statement about the Chuai destruction in which they blamed the disaster on T.I.D.O. Wave; they claimed that T.I.D.O. Wave members had infiltrated and planted explosives on the station.[4][5] In reality, the station was destroyed by the Cloverfield monster after Tagruato inadvertently awakened the creature and leading to its rampage and the destruction of New York City on May 22 and May 23, 2008.

Following the CLOVERFIELD events, Tagruato fell under investigation by both American and Japanese authorities due to its connection between the Chuai destruction and the attack on New York.[6]


  • Kantaro Tagruato - Founder of Hand of Power
  • Ganu Yoshida - CEO
  • Danno Jo[3] - COO

Drilling Stations[]

Name Location Date Opened Workforce EU.R.R.
Jimmu Station Inland Sea[3] Fri, Jun 14, 1991[3] 176[3] 5.4 billion[3]
Suizei Station Sea of Okhotsk[3] Fri, Sep 4, 1992[3] 114[3] 2.1 billion[3]
Annei Station Ionian Basin[3] Fri, Sep 11, 1992[3] 124[3] 2.2 billion[3]
Itoku Station Java Trench[3] Fri, Sep 18, 1992[3] 91[3] 1.5 billion[3]
Kosho Station Chukchi Sea[3] Sat, Feb 25, 1995[3] 76[3] 0.690 billion[3]
Koan Station East Siberian Sea[3] Sat, Feb 25, 1995[3] 107[3] 3.3 billion[3]
Korei Station Greenland Sea[3] Sat, Feb 25, 1995[3] 88[3] 1.7 billion[3]
Kogen Station Weddell Sea[3] Sat, Feb 25, 1995[3] 197[3] 8 billion[3]
Kaika Station Puerto Rico Trench[3] Sat, Feb 25, 1995[3] 62[3] 0.3 billion[3]
Sujin Station Diamantina Trench[3] Sat, Nov 7, 1998[3] 314[3] 17 billion[3]
Suinin Station Mariana Trench[3] Tue, Jan 30, 2001[3] 273[3] 13 billion[3]
Keiko Station South Sandwich Trench[3] Sat, May 17, 2003[3] 207[3] 9 billion[3]
Seimu Station Eurasia Basin[3] Tue, Mar 15, 2005[3] 281[3] 15 billion[3]
Chuai Station Mid-Atlantic Ridge[3] September 2007[3] 355[3]




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