Rob's Apartment
Rob toasting at his surprise party.
Country/Continent United States
Location Manhattan, New York
Status Possibly Destroyed
Notable Residents Rob Hawkins

Rob's Apartment (Area US-271) is the living quarters of Lily Ford, Hudson Platt, and Rob and Jason Hawkins. It is located on Broadway on the lower Manhattan side.


On May 22, 2008, Jason and Lily, with the aid of Hud and arriving partygoers, prepare their apartment for a farewell party, to celebrate Rob's promotion to vice-President of Slusho!'s marketing firm. During the length of the party, several minor (Charlie, Travis) and major (Marlena, Beth) characters are introduced; Rob and Beth's relationship troubles are revealed as well.

At 12:45 AM, the apartment complex is shaken by what is originally believed to be an earthquake and the partygoers venture up to the roof to investigate. They witness the explosion across the city and flee from the roof and out of the apartment from falling debris. Rob's apartment was most likely destroyed in the HAMMERDOWN Protocol.


  • A image of Marlena from her MySpace page can be seen on the Refrigerator door in the kitchen when Rob interrupts Beth's testimonial.