Marlena Diamond
Biographical Information
Name Marlena Diamond
Born April 1981 (age 26)
Death May 22, 2008
Cause of Death Stomach explosion caused by the Parasites' bite
Citizenship American
Family Unnamed Cousin
Zodiac Taurus
Blood type
Physical Description
Hair Brown
Career Information
Occupation Assistant, Atlas Talent Agency
College Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Old Lyme, CT.
Student Status Deceased
Series information
Appeared In (canon) Cloverfield
Appeared In (non-canon)
Actor Lizzy Caplan

Marlena Diamond was the friend of Lily Ford, Jason Hawkins, Beth McIntyre, and Jamie Lascano. She is only an acquaintance of Rob Hawkins, having only met him on a few occasions. Upon arriving to his farewell party, she becomes aware of Hud's crush on her.


Marlena attended Rob Hawkins going away party, at the request of Lily. She was planning on meeting some friends after the event. She is seen throughout the party ignoring Hud's attempts to talk with her after she gave testimonial. Marlena was among the party members that dispersed onto the streets after the explosion, and was outside when the Monster came down the street. She saw it, and claimed "it was eating people". After Lily comforted her, she, Lily, Hud, Rob and Jason made their way to the Brooklyn Bridge during the evacuation of Manhattan.

Because the bridge is destroyed by the monster, they are forced back into Manhattan. After Beth calls Rob and tells him she is trapped in her apartment, Rob, Marlena, Lily and Hud decide they have to go rescue her. On their way to her apartment they are caught in the cross fire between the military and the monster. They take shelter in a subway station, planning on waiting it out before moving on.

They stay in the subway for a long time as they listen to the on going fight above them. When they realize that they can reach Beth's apartment by walking on the subway track they start moving again. It is in the subway tunnel that they are attacked by the Parasites that fell off the monster. Marlena saved Hud's life by beating the parasite that jumped on him with a pole, in the process sustaining a severe bite wound to her upper body. The four are able to escape the tunnels and come out above ground in an abandoned Bloomingdale's store located outside of Lexington Avenue/59th Street.

Parasite poison

Marlena moments before her death

Marlena states that she is feeling dizzy, but can still move on. They are confronted by a squad of infantry who have taken shelter in the store, and are escorted to a temporary base of operations. Marlena starts to bleed profusely from her eyes and nose, and tells Hud that she isn't feeling good. She is forced by medics in Biohazard suits to a biohazard containment tent, while coughing up blood and screaming for Hud to help her, but she becomes silent after she is seen swelling from her hips to her upper body and bursts, splattering blood across a curtain.

MySpace Page[]

Other Details[]

  • Age: 26
  • Sign: Taurus
  • Song: The People by Common
  • Status: Swinger
  • Religion: Jewish
  • Smoke/Drink: Yes/Yes
  • Occupation: Assistant, Atlas Talent Agency
  • College: Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Old Lyme, CT. Graduated 2003.
  • High School: Brien McMahon HS, Norwalk, CT. Graduated 1999.

About Me[]

"So much to tell, so little desire to tell it. Let's see. I grew up in Connecticut but I'm a 'Yorker through and through. I just quit smoking, so I've taken to biting my nails and chewing an exorbitant amount of gum. I'm the next big thing in fashion design, and it's just a matter of time before the rest of the world figures that out. In the mean time, I'm a phone monkey for a bunch of corporate hotshots. It feeds my party habit, which is spinning wildly out of control and I'm loving every second of it."

Who I'd Like to Meet[]

"Probably not you, so don't send me a friend request just because you like my party pics of me and my girls. I have spyware that tells me exactly who's looking on here. I'm on to each and every one of you perverts from McMahon High -- Most of whom I don't even remember speaking to! Though I must admit, it kind of turns me on ;)"

Comments on Marlena's Page[]

By Date Comment
Jamie 14:12 10Sep07 Hey girl! Well that certainly got his attention. Teddy-bear called me each of the last three days, and each time we've ended up talking for like 3 hours. I miss the man behind the voice! He says he already watched it ten times and demanded more! Such a sweetie!
Lily 15:41 16Jul07 Oh my god, such a good time! So that explains why Jason got a message on his cell from some guy asking him to dinner at Barbetta...

Comments by Marlena On Other MySpace Pages[]

To Date Comment
Jamie 14:14 10Sep07 I'm glad it worked for you, honey. I knew if he could just bear witness to your hotness, he'd never stray. Though I still don't think you should have to work so hard.
Jamie 12:04 05Sep07 No, you cannot make chicken nuggets in the mircrowave. You really need to get out of your apartment.
Jamie 10:34 31Aug07 Someone needs cheering up. Girls night out! We have a three day weekend, I bet we could meet a new guy each night. I know you're quivering in antici....
Jamie 10:41 13Aug07 Girl! You were out of control this weekend! We need to compare notes on Sat night, I have some holes I need filled in. How did we get home?!
Hawk 14:33 16Jul07 Your g/f is too cute. I may try to steal her away from you. I think I could do it, too.
Lily 14:38 16Jul07 Oh my god, such a good time! So that explains why Jason got a message on his cell from some guy asking him to dinner at Barbetta...


  • She was interested in fashion and is considered a Fashionista.
  • Marlena was an indulgent drinker.
  • In one of Jamie's videos, it is revealed that Marlena has a cousin (female) and was present during one of Jamie's recordings.
  • In spite of not being initially told the premise of the film, Lizzy Caplan stated that she accepted a role in Cloverfield solely because she was a fan of the television series Lost, and her experience of discovering its true nature eventually caused her to state that she would not sign on for a film in the future "without knowing full well what it is". She indicated that her character was a "sarcastic outsider," and that her role was "physically demanding".


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