This is a list of episodes of the fan-made spin-off series Cloverfield Files created by Ali Nooriafshar.

Episode 1 "Liberty Island Footage 4"[]


The episode starts out with a screen stating that the footage has been filmed by a man named Lionel Hugens, and that it is property of the U.S. Government. Then it shows a group of people filming the same capsized boat that was in the beginning of the film. Then a huge creature jumps out of the water, destroying the boat. There are also a series of easter eggs in the beginning of the episode. These easter eggs are: The Dharma Initiative logo from J.J. Abram's other show, 'Lost,' The unlucky numbers, also from Abram's show 'Lost,' and a small, smiling child who we later learn is named Taylor in the second episode.

Episode 2 "Taylor G.C. Footage"[]


After the U.S. Government titles come up, there is a message saying that the following video is all the footage that was recovered properly from a broken tape near Grand Central Station. The video flashes static throughout it to show it is from a broken tape. The first part shows what was probably footage of the family holidaying in New York. It then shows a boy and his little sister walking into a hotel room when suddenly a loud explosion shakes the camera. The boy and his little sister walk through the corridor of the hotel outside the room, hearing the echoing voices of people screaming. Their bigger brother (who is filming) tells them to wait inside the room for their mother who has gone out. The big brother films outside the window where he captures the Statue of Liberty's head flying past the buildings. As he turns he also sees the Chrysler Building implode and fall to the ground as a massive shadow walks past it.


A quick glimpse of the monster as it passes

The camera cuts to later. Their mother has not come back yet and worried the bigger brother tells his little brother Taylor he is taking their sister and looking for their mom outside on the streets. He tells Taylor he'll come back for him. Taylor is left alone as the military is firing outside the hotel. Taylor seems to loose hope in his brother, assuming he has died and leaving the room for himself. As he leaves a 'parasite' attacks him and bites him. Although he escapes it is only a matter of time before his stomach starts to expand. As it gets bigger the camera cuts.

There is two easter eggs in this video at the end of the video that flash up. One is a message the other a man with blonde hair and a green shirt looking directly into the camera.

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