Lexington Avenue/59th Street
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59th Street as is seen in the movie.
Country/Continent United States
Location Manhattan, New York City
Status Possibly Destroyed

59th Street on the IRT Lexington Avenue Line has four side platforms, two on the upper level for local trains, and two on the lower level for express trains. Two other levels exist between the IRT platforms — the BMT Broadway Line platforms under the local level, and a mezzanine between the BMT and express levels. Long escalators connect the local and express levels directly.


The station originally local trains only. The express platforms opened in 1962 to reduce congestion at 42nd Street–Grand Central (from people switching between local and express trains and to the 42nd Street Shuttle), and to allow transfers between the express tracks and the BMT Broadway Line to Queens. Even before the express platforms were added, the station was the busiest on the line.

There is a direct exit to Bloomingdale's from the uptown local fare control.[1] The underpass near the south end of the station was originally the northbound platform for the extension of the BMT Broadway Line to Queens. The line had been planned as two separate, one-track tunnels, one each under 59th and 60th Streets. Later on, it was decided to alter this layout in favor of a single two-track tunnel under 60th Street. The semi-completed platform under 59th Street was then converted to an underpass between the north and southbound platforms of the Lexington Avenue Line local tracks.

In Cloverfield[]

Cloverfield 149 0001

The triage unit set up inside the mall.

After leaving the transit authority office, Rob, Lily, Hud, and Marlena find themselves on the 59th Street platform. Using the exit into the Bloomingdale's Mall, they encounter the military who are stationed there. It is here Marlena's condition worsened and she was taken into a quarantine zone, where she died from her parasite bite.


  1. This exit was used in the 2008 film Cloverfield. See screencap in infobox