Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre (French for "Warriors of Mother Earth") is a nonprofit, grassroots, environmental activist organization dedicated to saving our planet from the world's most nefarious corporations.


Le Bandit Vert, a horticulturist, was outraged by the environmental damage he saw while travelling the world. His pleas to various ruling agencies were ignored, leading him to decide to take action. In 1982, he founded Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre in Paris. Since then, they have successfully fought various companies polluting the Earth.


Les Guerriers de Mère-Terre is founded in Paris by Le Bandit Vert
October 2007
A T.I.D.O. Wave rally is held at Tagruato headquarters, led by Le Bandit Vert
December 14, 2007
Another T.I.D.O. Wave rally is scheduled to start



The P.E.A.K. Offensive was a move against "Broad Galvanic" to protect mountains.


The D.R.A.I.N. Movement was a move against "GloboChem Labs" to protect river water.


The T.I.D.O. Wave was a move against Tagruato, primarily to protect ocean-based ecosystems affected by its drilling. Although they claim otherwise, it is almost certain that they were the perpetrators of the hacks.

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