Jaimie Lascano
Biographical Information
Born 1983
Cause of Death
Citizenship American
Family Teddy Hanssen (ex-boyfriend)
Blood type
Physical Description
Hair Blonde
Career Information
Student Status
Series information
Appeared In (canon) Cloverfield Alternate Reality game


Appeared In (non-canon)
Actor Jamie Harlan

Jamie Lascano[1] is a minor character in the Cloverfield Universe and the only character who's part of the Viral to appear in the film. Jamie is a friend of Rob and Jason Hawkins, Lily Ford, Beth McIntyre, and Marlena Diamond, who is her roommate.



Jamie is first introduced to viewers sending near daily videos to her boyfriend, Teddy Hanssen. Her adoration for her boyfriend is displayed without hesitation and it can be assumed that he responded to her earlier videos. However, as time goes on, she becomes worried and bothered that he does not respond to her later video messages. In the fifth video she opens the box that Teddy mailed to her, discovering a package he requested to be placed in the freezer and not eaten.

Jamie then proceeds to listen to the audio message he sent her. She does not believe the panicked Teddy is telling her truth about being taken hostage by Tagruato; instead, she takes his message as a cowardly way of breaking up with her and declares that she is "done" with him, thus ending their relationship. Afterward, Jamie calls Tagruato, to see if Teddy is telling the truth. They claim to have never heard of Teddy, then request her adress. She witholds her personal information and hangs up; she becomes angrier when they call her back. Jamie continues to send video messages to Teddy, out of spite, showcasing her hatred for him. In the eighth video, she eats the primary evidence in the package Teddy sent her and becomes excited. In the eleventh and final video to Teddy, Jamie is hyper (indicating she ate the rest of the primary evidence), stating that she is finally over him and thinks he is pathetic. Jamie continues to slander Teddy before ending the video.


Jamie is seen briefly in the film, sleeping or passed out on the couch of Rob's apartment with a man playing with her hair. While either option is possible, it is generally believed that she passed out after consuming the primary evidence sent to her by Teddy. Jamie's whereabouts during the CLOVERFIELD incident are unknown. She is presumed to be dead by the Department of Defense.


  • In Jamie's blog post titled survey, she says that the last text message she received was: "This foreboding tale from Linds: 'Evil abounds, Demon-Born. Eat two sandwiches'". It is possible that this is an anagram or cipher — however, if it is, it has not been solved yet. A possible theory is that the South Sandwich Trench, the deepest trench in the South Atlantic, a Tagruato drilling site, has something to do with it.


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