The Hatsui was a imaging satellite built by Bold Futura as part of Tagruato's first step in their space program. It was launched on November 26, 2007.[1]


Bold Futura worked on building the Hatsui for seven years. It was launched on November 26, 2007, amid poor weather conditions in which CEO Ganu Yoshida overruled the abort command.[1][2] In its first month orbiting Earth, Hatsui was at peak performance as it "busily collecting data and securing samples."[3] The Hatsui was equipped with TagFutura KrystaLens.[3]

It was recently used by Tagruato in tracking a rogue piece that was believed to have fallen off of the Japanese government's ChimpanzIII satellite and fell into the Atlantic Ocean sometime between December 28, 2007 and December 31, 2007.[3]