Ganu Yoshida
Ganu ceo-1-
Biographical Information
Name Ganu Yoshida
Cause of Death
Citizenship Japanese
Family Noriko Yoshida (mother)

Ryouta Yoshida (grandfather)
Danno Jo (cousin)

Blood type
Physical Description
Hair Black
Career Information
Occupation CEO of Tagruato
Student Status
Affiliation Tagruato
Series information
Appeared In (canon) Cloverfield Alternate Reality game

Cloverfield (Mentioned in Blu-Ray Notations)

Appeared In (non-canon)
Actor Unknown

Ganu Yoshida is the CEO of Tagruato Corporation who is mentioned numerous times on the Tagruato website, and is also named on the Slusho! website's history page. Ganu is the son of Noriko Yoshida, and the cousin of Danno Jo.


Ganu was a brilliant young engineer participating in off-shore drilling activities when he became involved with Tagruato in 1989. Recognizing that Tagruato's predecessor firm, 力の手 (Hand of Power) had fallen on hard times, Ganu and his investors took over the company and removed the previous Board of Directors. They renamed 力の手 to Tagruato, after its initial founder, and began drilling for petroleum underwater. Since then, in the position of CEO, Ganu has helped Tagruato to become a top Japanese company, boasting skyrocketing sales of its Slusho! product, extremely satisfied employees and rising stock prices.


While he does not make an appearance in the movie, the Blu-Ray Notations states that Yoshida was reportedly on Manhattan island at the beginning of the CLOVERFIELD events but was seemingly evacuated early on. His current whereabouts, according to Japan's National Police Agency, are unknown. It is also stated that Yoshida was reportedly attacked by protesters belonging to T.I.D.O. Wave while in Manhattan. The protesters were said to have poured an unidentified liquid on Yoshida outside of a Restaurant. He is classified as a person of "special interest" by the United States Department of Defense.