"Earthworm" Operations Center/Armory is a civil-military operations center used to facilitate the New York Army National Guard's 42nd Infantry Division's response to potential terrorist attacks in the New York City area.


Earthworm was established on March 31, 2002 and was constructed beneath existing installations on Governors Island, which had been historically used by the U.S. Army and then the Coast Guard.[1] Underground fortifications built during the 1960s were enlarged and adapted.[1] Earthworm's access to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel below New York's Harbor was key to the hidden base's strategic positioning.[1] Additional operations centers, the only ones publicly acknowledged, were Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn and Fort Dix in New Jersey, providing organizational support.[1]

Earthworm was activated during the "Cloverfield" incident on May 22, 2008. Military efforts were focused on the lower half of Manhattan in engaging the Large Scale Aggressor and the Human Scale Parasites.[1]