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Family Megan Stambler (daughter)

Howard Stambler (ex-husband)

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Appeared In (canon) 10 Cloverfield Lane Alternate Reality Game
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Actor N/A

Denise Paulson is a character in the 10 Cloverfield Lane ARG. While she doesn't appears on the movie, she is mentioned several times.


Early Life[]


At some point of her life Denise married with Howard Stambler, and they had a daughter named Megan.

After Howard retired from the navy, he become horrified by the things he saw on the SEASAT project, which caused him to become paranoid and mad. He began to investigating about conspiracy theories and tried to do his best to protect his family, like building a bomb shelter to protect themselves from the apocalypse, despite Denise's complains, who never believed in his theories.

At some point, Howard got mad at Megan for accidentally misplacing her grandfather's medal, and it took her several months to tell her mother what had happened. Fed-up of her husband, Denise moved to Chicago taking Megan with her.[1]

Talking with Howard[]

"I’VE taken so much away from YOU?! You’re delusional, Howard! You’re sick. This whole thing is just sad and disgusting. It’s a morbid fantasy of a complete lunatic. AND it’s a violation of your restraining order, I already called the police!!! "

In order to save his daughter for an incoming threat, Howard created, around February 2016, a website called so he and Megan could talk in private, and discuss about the imminent attack and how could she be prepared for it. However Megan never answered.

Howard discovered that Denise had put on sale his father's silverware for $500, stating that she has taking so much from him and she only did that to hurt him. With the help from an unknown source, Denise found out about the site and confronted Howard, telling him to move on with his life, as his paranoia was what cost them their family, and that he should accept that he would never see Megan again.[1]

10 Cloverfield Lane Alternate Reality Game[]

As mentioned above, Howard's silverware was actually available to buy on Craigslist, by Denise.  After many attempts of contacting her from many real-life user, Denise answered one of them. On her final message she stated:

"I was up all night reading and re-reading everything he wrote. All of it--the ranting and the raving about how evil I am, the page where he shows off how to steal a car. The constant questions to Megan, as if she would or could reply. The simulation "game." I'm very familiar with the kids of games Howard likes to play. He used to wake us up in the middle of the night to do emergency preparedness drills.

Howard was always worried about emergencies. I used to think it was just how he'd learned to see the world from when he was in the Navy. But things got so much worse when he started working at Bold Futura. He used to come home at night and sit through dinner without saying a word. He became obsessed with building his fallout shelter, putting all our money into it. I didn't even think he'd mind too much when we left. That way he could keep building his bunker without anybody to get in his way. But reading everything you've shown me on this site. I can see that it's just made him more obsessed.

This is not the first time he's done this. Every few years there's some new danger that's going to kill us all. But the disaster never happens. And then he just finds something else to obsess about. During one of his panics, he made us hide in the cellar. Megan must have been about 11, and she wouldn't stop asking him why we were hiding. So he put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet, and kept it there so long that she couldn't breathe. That was the moment I knew that I needed to get us away from him. Maybe if I'd realized it sooner, things wouldn't have turned out so badly.

Danny, thank you so much for showing me this. Please don't take this the wrong way, but don't contact me again. I have to figure out what I"m going to do about this, and how to best take care of myself.

Thank you and keep safe,

Denise Paulson

The Following day (March 7) Denise answered to Howard

"I’VE taken so much away from YOU?! You’re delusional, Howard! You’re sick. This whole thing is just sad and disgusting. It’s a morbid fantasy of a complete lunatic. AND it’s a violation of your restraining order, I already called the police!!!

And no, no “Soviets" helped me get into your little secret hiding place here. Did you really think I wouldn’t remember when you gave Megan your father’s medal, then blew up at her because she accidentally misplaced it? Megan was so terrified, it took months for me to get her to tell me what happened.

At least this time, somebody you tried to dupe with your conspiracy theories saw through the lies and showed me to what you’ve been up to here. There ARE some decent, caring people left in the world. I’m not going to tell you who, because you’d probably try to hurt him for crossing you. And you’ve hurt enough people already.

Howard, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – You can blame me for whatever you want. Just leave me alone. Move on. Your paranoia cost us our family, how much more will you let it take from you? From me? You need help. Serious, professional, medical help. You’re not well.

Deep down you have to know you’ll never see Megan again. So I’m begging you, for the last time, forget about us. I’m so tired of being afraid of you. Nothing for years, and then you pop up like this, and it’s like you’re taking away everything that I’ve worked so hard to rebuild.

Whatever crimes you imagine I’ve committed, I have more than paid for them. Please let me move on. And get help.