Columbus Circle
Columbus circle-1-
Aerial view of Columbus Circle.
Country/Continent United States
Location Columbus Circle, Manhattan, New York
Status Destroyed

Columbus Circle (code named "Area U439"), named for Christopher Columbus, is a major landmark and point of attraction in the New York City borough of Manhattan.


Completed in 1905 and renovated a century later, it is located at the intersection of Broadway, Central Park West, Central Park South (59th Street), and Eighth Avenue, at the southwest corner of Central Park, with coordinates. The traffic circle was designed by William P. Eno, a businessman who pioneered many early innovations in road safety and traffic control, as part of Frederick Law Olmsted's vision for the park, which included a "Grand Circle" at Merchants' Gate, its most important Eighth Avenue entrance.

In Cloverfield[]

Sometime after the monster's arrival on Manhattan, the creature traveled to Columbus Circle and causing the second tower of the Time Warner Center to lean against the first, which trapped Elizabeth McIntyre in her apartment. Surprisingly, the neighboring building, 1 Central Park West, was not damaged by the creature.[1]

Robert Hawkins learned of Beth's situation and venture along with his friends to Columbus Circle to rescue Beth. Upon arriving at the Time Warner Center, and following an unconscious suggestion from Hud, Robert and his friends climb to the semi-top of the first tower to climb across the opposite building's roof in order to reach Beth's apartment. After rescuing Beth, the four leave Columbus Circle and make a run for Corner of E 40th Street and Park Avenue, the final evacuation site in the city.

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