Clover (Adult)
Cloverfield paradox ending monster
Monster Stats
Given Name Clover
1st Appearance The Cloverfield Paradox
Class Unknown amphibious species
Status Alive

Clover (Adult) is the eldest species of the Cloverfield Monster. In the first film, the monster was a baby. This was hinted at in the special features of Cloverfield. Clover (adult) appears in The Cloverfield Paradox.


The creature's appearance is not shown through whole body, However, when it roars from the clouds or mist, it possibly shows the height of above 26,246 feet, suggesting it has a height of 8000 meters. When it roars for one last time again, it's head reaches higher to the highest altitudes of the altocumulus clouds above, it's likely reached at 9144 meters or 30,000 feet.

The screen cuts black after the roar ending, as the roar echoes. Then the credits roll. This monster is the baby in the original first film, but an adult at least 19 years later. 2008 to 2028 in the movie franchise. The monster was also seen and involved a few times in the movie before it appeared in the ending, when Michael parks his car near a destructed colony of buildings, a massive shadow of a giant monster, which is possibly Clover is seen beyond the buildings, before a girl can be screaming in the background as it echoes. Later, when Michael is in the shelter with Molly, he is contacting someone, that's when the lights flash very red, and everything begins rumbling, Michael ran to protect Molly, fighter jet missile sounds can be heard, and some explosions and rumbling, then a loud howling and screeching sound can be heard in the background, which is possibly the Cloverfield monster.

It may possibly appear like the original Clover, but more darker greyish, and with brown texture. And a few details added to it's body.


Clover appears as brownish, dark greyish creature, with darker red shades on his ears, and pale sharp teeth on his jaw, only half his arm and his upper torso is seen, he has reflecting eyes, and an angry looking face. Unlike the original Cloverfield monster.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Heat Resistance - This allows the monster to thrive in extremely high pressure environments, as well as good cope from heavy fire from great human weaponry, although the monster as a baby wasn't able to survive it a lot, however in this film, at one point in the movie, fighter jet sounds and shooting can be heard when red lights flash, and mysterious roaring and howling, which Clover may have been more armored and more durable from the fighter jet missiles then when he was a baby.
  • Great physical Strength - It is capable of destroying everything in it's path, destroying and crushing anything that is near it.
  • Loud roar - The roar can travel thousands of miles, this was seen in the ending of the Cloverfield Paradox film. The roar travels for long distances, the roar is capable for echoing as well.
  • Feeding tubes - It feeds on humans and horses, using these tubes above his legs, which are tendril shaped.
  • Tail - It's possible that it uses a tail to feed on humans, as well as smashing other structures in it's path.
  • Earthquake - Unlike the original Cloverfield Monster, this one is able to create earthquakes rumbling in it's path, and shaking the area, this was seen during the scene with the red floodlights.


  • The actual height of it is currently unknown, but at the end when it jumps out of the clouds that are similar to altocumulus clouds that have a minimum height of 6,500 feet, suggests that it has a colossal height of 1,981 meters. This also matches the lowest altitude at which the return capsule could deploy a parachute or rocket-powered landing system, which it had yet to do when it reached the clouds. However, it should be noted that the terrain it is standing on is not seen, and depending on the elevation of the ground above sea level, and the specifics on the clouds themselves, the creature's true height could still be a small fraction of the above figure, possibly even a mere half-kilometer or less.
  • Clover is mentioned in the film Pacific Rim Uprising, which may say it came from the Kaiju realm, which is seen on a screen with other Kaijus.
  • Clover is even taller and much larger then Slattern and Mega Kaiju from Pacific Rim, making him the largest terrestrial kaiju in the world Surpassing Godzilla Earth Due to its Massive Size.