Clover (Adult)
Monster Stats
Given Name Clover
1st Appearance The Cloverfield Paradox
Class Unknown amphibious species
Status Alive

Clover (Adult) is the eldest species of the Cloverfield Monster. In the first film, the monster was a baby. This was hinted at in the special features of Cloverfield. Clover (adult) appears in The Cloverfield Paradox.

It's one of the largest movie monsters in the world as of 2018.


  • The actual height of it is currently unknown, but at the end when it jumps out of the clouds that are similar to altocumulus clouds that have a minimum height of 6,500 feet, suggests that it has a colossal height of 1,981 meters. This also matches the lowest altitude at which the return capsule could deploy a parachute or rocket-powered landing system, which it had yet to do when it reached the clouds. However, it should be noted that the terrain it is standing on is not seen, and depending on the elevation of the ground above sea level, and the specifics on the clouds themselves, the creature's true height could still be a small fraction of the above figure, possibly even a mere half-kilometer or less.
  • Clover is mentioned in the film Pacific Rim Uprising, which may say it came from the Kaiju realm.