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My News
  • This is my Navigation Bar.
  • I will mostly create templates just to let all you user's who read this and thank you accepting me in all the good ways possible and thanks for accepting my life and my skills in creating templates here so I will be glad to make a Wikipedia one well a template from Wikipedia that is.
  • I'm a SysOp now on the Metal Wiki Project and their is proof of it!
  • New wikia: w:c:actionzone:User:Wiki_Wiki_Dogg_101 and plus I run the Wikia.
  • I'm the administrator/oversight on the Test Wiki and, I'm the SysOp for the Hulk Wiki.
  • New wikia: Step Up Wiki is the brand new wiki where I have made the third Entertainment Wiki I created.

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Image of Parasites.


Picture of The Monster from the Welcome Template.

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