• Jaga 321

    Hi guys, here's a short video we made about the Cloverfield universe, summarising our thoughts on the franchise, what the three films have done for the series, and where to head next, potentially having an anthology style TV show. Check it out! Let us know what you think :)


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  • ToyGoldenFreddy2

    Since I Am Going To See 10 Clovefield Lane Tonight (I'm In The U.K) I'm Going To Give A Few Predictions For The Movie So, Bear With Me Here.

    1. The Monster Is Clover's Mother: I Believe It's The Monster's Mother As The Roar Sounds Alot The One From The First Movie, The Mother Could Be Angry Of Clover's Death And Starts Going On A Rampage For Clover

    2. The Light Has Something To Do With Hammer Down: The Light Could Be Hammer Down Going Off From Far Away While The Mom Sees, Thefor, She Destroys The House And Chases Michelle. As It Looks Like A Mushroom Cloud.

    3. John Goodman Is One Of The "Monsters": Seeming Like How They Potrayed Him In The Trailer, It Looks To Be That Way. As In A Bad Person.

    4. Clover Is Not Dead: Clover Might've Survived The…

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  • SaveMeBarry

    Who Else Is With Me?

    No Chance

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Hello Humans! I am the cloverfield Monster. But please call me Clover. You probably know me from the movie Cloverfield. But that's not the point. The point is, this is my 1st blog. In it, you can ask me any question by commenting on this blog and I might answer it. You can ask me anything your human brains can think of, like how it felt to be the star in the movie Cloverfield, or what my solution to the Gulf Oil spill problem is? Go ahead and bring on the questions and I might answer them.


    -The Cloverfield Monster

    P.S. Stop looking at my external espohogi(those tubes on my chest). It makes me feell uncomfortable when people look at them.

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  • Willclakify

    Lego Cloverfield

    March 26, 2010 by Willclakify

    These videos are remakes of Cloverfield in lego version. Here's some i know best:

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