Beth's apartment
Beths living room
The living room of Beth's apartment, before the attack.
Country/ContinentUnited States
LocationColumbus Circle, Manhattan, New York
StatusPossibly Destroyed
Notable ResidentsBeth McIntyre (formerly)

Beth's apartment building is the living quarters of Beth McIntyre. It is located in the second tower of the Time Warner Center on 10 Columbia Circle, Manhattan, with a view of Central Park.


The apartment in question was owned by Warren T. McIntyre, CFO of the Marina Group, a global private equity firm. McIntyre's actual residence was Imperial Beach, California. Beth McIntyre was allowed to reside in her father's unit until the Manhattan real estate market stabilized. Footage of the inside of Beth's apartment was recorded by Rob Hawkins on April 27, 2008 at 6:42 AM, where he apparently stayed the night with Beth. At the time, Beth's father was "out of town."

Beth removed

Beth is freed from the iron bar.

Early on in the monster's attack, the second tower was hit, causing it to topple against the adjacent building at a 30o angle. Rob, Lily and Hud traveled to the top of the fist tower and traveled across the rooftop of the toppled building to the 39th floor and Beth's apartment. There, they discover Beth alive but impaled on a piece of rebar, though her left shoulder. They manage to free her and escape the building, traveling across the roof, and down through the first building.

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