Alien Spaceship
10 cloverfield lane-0
Monster Stats
1st Appearance 10 Cloverfield Lane
Class Biomechanical alien
Status Destroyed

"I bet what we just heard were air-borne patrols sent to hunt down the remaining signs of life... Like us."
—Howard to Michelle and Emmett

The Alien Spaceship is a bio-mechanical alien spacecraft, belonging to an unknown alien race, that appears on 10 Cloverfield Lane. The ship has its only appearance near the end of the film.


The spacecraft appears to be a giant lovecraftian spaceship. However, upon closer look, it appears to be a technologically-modified living creature. It has a huge, Lamprey-like mouth and several tentacles. It is also able to spread a lethal poisonous gas from its body.

10 Cloverfield Lane[]

"That sounds like helicopters.
Could be military... But not ours.
—Emmett and Howard

The ship is first heard flying over the farm. Although Emmett thinks that the ghostly whirring and howling noises are from a helicopter, Howard belives it’s from an extra-terrestrial ship, as he states that his satellite log showed an increase in coded traffic.


The Clover flying above the farm house

Later, after Michelle manages to escape from the bunker the Ship is seen flying above the farm, then Howard's bunker explodes alerting the ship and sends an alien creature to investigate, that chases Michelle. She sees lights coming from the house, thinking that it could be from survivors, but it was actually the ship flying above the farm house. The ship sprays a toxic alien gas, but Michelle survives as she has her makeshift hazard suit, and hides on Howard's pick-up truck, but not without losing her helmet, now being vulnerable to the poisonous gas, which would’ve contaminated the air outside to begin with.

Then using its tentacles, the ship captures the truck. However, Michelle notices that the ship gas is flammable and with enough time, she crafts a Molotov cocktail and, just as the ship was going to consume her, she throws the cocktail at the Ship's mouth, which cause a chain reaction that destroys it. After the encounter Michelle leaves on Leslie's car.


  • The Ship's roar almost sounds identical to the Cloverfield Monster from the first movie.
  • The Ship seems to speak an alien language. As it is seen briefly commanding the alien scout to investigate.
  • It is possible that the alien species may be related to the Cloverfield Monster but considering this creation is most likely from Space and the Cloverfield Monster is from the Atlantic Ocean, there is no connection to the pair.