Monster Stats
Given Name Space worm
1st Appearance 10 Cloverfield Lane
Class Unknown
Status Unknown

The Aliens nicknamed Roach or Leech by the film crew from 10 Cloverfield Lane are large, worm-like creatures with metal plating on their bodies and are the overarching antagonists of 10 Cloverfield Lane. The Aliens' origin is unknown. These creatures appear at the end of the film.


The Aliens are Quadrupedal lifeforms with metallic scales. Each scale is the shape of a hexagon. The aliens also have a secondary mouth that extends from inside their primary mouths. The mouth is circular with rows of sharp teeth. They can track humans without sight or smell, given that they have no visible eyes. Suggesting they are capable of echolocation. They are in some way biologically related to the Clover (ship).

Arrival On Earth[]

How the Aliens arrived on earth isn't exactly clear. While on a drive in the country, Emmett describes seeing a bright red flash in the sky. Worried about what this could mean, Emmett rushes over to Howard Stambler's bunker in Louisiana, who was just closing up before the initial attack on Earth. Howard describes these red flashes as the first phase of the invasion. The arrival was partly hinted when Howard received an audio file containing a hidden image of a mysterious black object orbiting above the Earth.