10 Cloverfiled Lane
The Alien Spaceship flying over Howard's house
Country/Continent United States
Location 40 miles outside of Lake Charles, Louisiana
Status Abandoned
Notable Locations Howard's Bunker
Notable Residents Howard Stambler (formerly, deceased)

Megan (formerly)
Emmett DeWitt (formerly, deceased)
Brittany (formerly, deceased)

"And what brought him out here?
I'm not sure. He bought this property a while back.
Michelle and Emmett

10 Cloverfield Lane was a property owned by Howard Stambler from where he built his bunker.


According to Emmett DeWitt the property was bought by Howard sometime after he retired from the United States Navy for unknown reasons but it's likely that he wanted an open area to build his underground bunker to protect his daughter and himself. He hired Emmett to help him build the bunker which took many years. At some point, after being estranged from his daughter, he kidnapped a local girl named Brittany to assume her role, but she tried to escape which resulted in Howard killing her.

Events of the 10 Cloverfield Lane[]

After Howard accidentally crashed his truck into a car driven by Michelle, he takes an unconscious and hurt Michelle to his bunker to protect themselves from the alien attack, alongside Emmett. They spent the following days living in the bunker, until Michelle and Emmett discovered Howard's secret and tried to escape, which resulted with Howard killing Emmett and him dying after the bunker explodes, with only Michelle surviving.

However the explosion attracts the attention of an alien spaceship. Michelle is attacked by both the craft and a creature deployed by it. The craft releases toxic gas, forcing her to take shelter in Howard's truck, which is then picked up by the craft as it attempts to consume her. However, Michelle realized that the gas is flammable and assembles a Molotov cocktail and throws it into the craft, destroying it. After the encounter Michelle leaves the farm in a car.