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Dumac Dwarfking
• 2/10/2018

Connection between 3 movies, what is it?

1-Paradox is the origin story taking place in 2028
2-Cloverfield lane takes place in 2016 with flying alien ships
3- Cloverfield(original) takes place in 2008

Since the particle accelerator broke the space-time barrier it unleashed hell.
So in what order do these movies take place? and are all stories from the same earth or 3 different dimensions?

Or is the same earth now with three different timelines?
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Dumac Dwarfking
• 2/19/2018
The movies are all in separate dimensions, probably right next to each other on the cosmological scale.
The universe that Paradox takes place in is Universe A, Cloverfield will be Universe B, and 10 Cloverfield Lane will be Universe C. The monster dimension where everything comes from can be called Universe X.

Universe A, The Cloverfield Paradox: The events of The Cloverfield Paradox take place, activating the Shepard in 2028 of that dimension's timeline and opening several rifts from Universe X into Universes A,B,C, and possibly millions more. These rifts don't open at the same time in each dimension, but rather deposit all the Dimension X monsters at different points in the timelines of each Universe. Universe A gets the Big Papa we see at the end of Paradox, and possibly other creatures as well.

Universe B, Cloverfield: The Universe X rifts caused by the Shepard deposit thousands of creature eggs on the Earth around 10,000 years before the events of the first movie. In 2008 of Universe B's timeline, one of these creatures hatches and is awoken by the Tagruato company's Chuai Station, prompting it to attack New York City and later be killed by the HAMMERDOWN protocol. This creature is an infant of its species and is unrelated to the Pig Papa from Paradox, other than being the same species. The piece of debris seen falling into the ocean at the end of this movie is a piece of the Cloverfield Station from Paradox that was transported from Universe A to Universe B.

Universe C, 10 Cloverfield Lane: This universe, like the others, is not directly connected with the events of the other two films. The Shepard Rifts from Universe X brought over a fleet of extraterrestrials hellbent on invading the planet. These aliens have no apparent connection to the creatures seen in the other films, other than being from the same dimension.
• 2/24/2018
The shepard space station's Hydrogen collider caused a ripple in the space/time continuem and this ripple somehow rippled's back and forth, causing different dimensions to contact each other and even merge.
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