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• 5/4/2014

Bad News about Cloverfield's MySpace Profile

Sometime during Summer of 2013, MySpace webmasters got the bright idea of purging just about everything related to the website's old format, which includes blog(s), profiles and whatever else information you might've wanted to save but never quite got around to actually doing so. As a result, Cloverfield's once-considered "brilliant" marketing plan for its characters, has gone down the tubes on account of the website trying to maintain relevance in the Twitter and Facebook age of social networking.

People rightfully got mad and demanded their information be restored to the website. This was MySpace's Response.

No longer can you look at Marlena, Hud, Rob, Beth, Lily and Jason's (and others) MySpace Blogs and read their stuff and chuckle at the good ole days of 2008. Nope, MySpace has made their information inaccessible. The only way to retrieve the information is to use, the WayBackMachine, and that's just for front page information.

If you wanted their blogs, then you're, quite literally, shit out of luck. The blogs were not archived by the WayBackMachine and the only way to retrieve them personally is to contact MySpace, following these steps here.

Considering that no one here that are fans of the film are the actual account holders of the Viral Marketing accounts for the Cloverfield characters, you'll have to make do with the photographs that were migrated from Classic MySpace and use the WayBackMachine to pillage their front pages, but no more.

I really wish this wikia had considered saving their blogs on the off chance MySpace pulled something like this or went down in flames.

Talk about archival inconvenience, right?

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• 5/6/2014

Yeah. I had a fan-fiction blog on there that i was actually moving forward on. Soon after i started moving forward, it became kept away from me. :(

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